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Asked a question 10 months ago

Is Bloc safe?

Where am I?

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Bloc is very safe. There hasn't been a single incident since we launched Bloc in 2014. We continuously strive on making the app as safe as possible to keep it this way. Here are a list of Bloc's safety features:

  1. You can control your privacy settings in your 'Me' tab. Here you can decide on who sees your check-ins, whether that's only yourself, friends or the general public. 
  2. Reporting is a key feature where users can report users if they don't abide by our safety guidelines set in our terms.  
  3. If you are checked in somewhere and connected with a new person you haven't met before, we recommend you attend the venue with your friends as normal and you don't go alone. 
  4. We work with venues and are advocates for the 'Angela' campaign. You can ask for 'Angela' at any venue and this will prompt the staff to offer you help if you feel uncomfortable or threatened in anyway. 

We pride ourselves on our perfect record of having no incidents and we ask all of our users to respect one another and abide by our terms and conditions for using the app. If we expect otherwise you will be blocked from the app indefinitely. Bloc is a social events app connecting people before events and we want it to be the safest platform for doing so.