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Bug Reports
Bug Reports

We don't like bugs and we know they can ruin your experience of using Bloc. We want to fix them all but for us to be able to do that we need to know about them in the first place.ย 

If you have found a bug please let us know about it with as much information as possible. We'll squash it as soon as we can and even reward you with free stars.ย 

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Lucy Ford
Student at London College of Communication
I invited a friend and I didn't receive my 5*. Please advise!
I signed up to Bloc Plus on Android but I wasn't given any of the benefits... what's the best way to contact you about this?
In People the photos load really slowly and it's quite annoying!
We are currently aware of a bug whereby photos aren't showing correctly. We are working on this bug fix now and will update you shortly.