Who remembers the very first iPhone released all the way back in 2007?

When Steve Jobbs released his first ever Apple device all those years ago, it was laughed at by his competitors: Nokia, Motorola and co. iOS would never amount to anything. It was a basic phone, had minimal functionality and was seen as obsolete in comparison to the symbian mobile software.

Fast forward 13 years and Apple is unquestionably the pinnacle of mobile technology. How did Steve Jobbs do this?

Arguably the greatest product owner of our generation - although Elon Musk could soon overtake him - Jobbs knew to release a basic product with minimal features to gain immediate feedback and be adaptable to market changes. He didn’t wait until he had a final, finished product before he released to market - otherwise we’d still be sat here waiting for it.

We champion the same methodologies at Bloc. Over time you’ll always see brand new features added - many of them will be covered in the community - and we want this to be a hub where we gain that feedback and allow you to come behind the scenes to help us meet our vision.

Please do leave comments, tag us, add photos and make suggestions. This is an open forum and you’re all welcome.

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